B&W Biker Bar

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Simple, Secure Motorcycle Transport

The Biker Bar is a totally unique concept and a complete departure from the cumbersome straps, chocks and bolt-on systems that can be ineffective, unsightly and cause damage to paint, chrome and leather finishes.

  • Load and unload your Harley Davidson in less than a minute by yourself
  • Drive over steep, pitched terrain with your bike securely latched
  • Latching system easily unbolts from the trailer without crawling underneath, freeing up your trailer for other things
  • Can be mounted in your garage for safely storing your bike
  • Works with all Harley Davidson motorcycles with factory painted frames.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Effortless Loading and Unloading

The B&W Biker Bar offers a revolutionary solution for Harley Davidson enthusiasts, enabling them to load and unload their beloved motorcycles in under a minute—all by themselves. This innovative system takes the hassle out of the process, providing a seamless experience for riders who want to hit the open road quickly and effortlessly.

Rugged Performance on Any Terrain

One of the standout features of the B&W Biker Bar is its ability to handle steep, pitched terrain with ease while securely latching your bike in place. Whether you’re navigating challenging landscapes or just need a reliable way to transport your motorcycle, the Biker Bar ensures your ride remains securely fastened and protected.

The Scratch-Proof B&W Biker Bar

Worried about scratches and damage to your bike’s frame during transport? The B&W Biker Bar has you covered with its adjustable clamping bar equipped with neoprene-lined clamps. These safeguards prevent any unsightly blemishes, ensuring your Harley Davidson remains in pristine condition.

Preserving Your Motorcycle’s Suspension

Unlike traditional tie-down methods that stress your motorcycle’s suspension system during transport, the Biker Bar takes a different approach. When you dismount, your bike’s suspension remains slightly compressed, exerting the perfect amount of upward pressure to maintain rigidity without compromising your suspension components. This means your bike becomes an extension of the trailer’s suspension system, letting your trailer suspension do the work without amplifying it.

Effortless Removal and Versatile Storage

Removing the latching system from your trailer has never been easier. No more crawling underneath or wrestling with complicated mechanisms. The B&W Biker Bar’s design allows for quick and hassle-free detachment, freeing up your trailer for other uses, making it a versatile addition to your equipment.

B&W Biker Bar for Garage-Friendly Storage

Looking for a safe and convenient way to store your bike in the garage? The Biker Bar can be easily mounted in your garage, providing a secure and space-saving storage solution for your Harley Davidson.

Universal Compatibility

The Biker Bar isn’t exclusive to a specific Harley Davidson model. It works seamlessly with all Harley Davidson motorcycles that have factory-painted frames, ensuring that no matter what you ride, you can take advantage of its remarkable features.

Peace of Mind with a Warranty

To top it off, the Biker Bar comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the durability and performance of this exceptional motorcycle transportation solution. With six 1/4″ increments of vertical adjustment, it can accommodate various motorcycle models, making it a reliable choice for Harley Davidson enthusiasts everywhere.


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