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A black box with a red digital display

MouseBlocker 12X


  • Covering up to 12,000 square feet
  • 12X Power Unit
  • Includes 10 Speakers
  • Ultrasonic Detector to aid in speaker placement
Sale! A black box with two speakers on top of it.

MouseBlocker 1000x

Original price was: $189.95.Current price is: $179.95.

September Sale! Special Price and FREE Shipping.

Get Ready for Rodent Season!

The MouseBlocker 1000x is the best protection device for garages, attics, basements and more covering up to 1000 square feet. Set it up against a wall, plug it in and forget it. This device will keep rodents out of your Cars, Boats, RV, Tractors, anything you keep in a shop or storage building.


-Whisper quiet operation (to humans)

-Outputs 2 types of ultrasonic waves simultaneously

-4 long range speakers for full space coverage

-Covers 1000 square feet with a clear line of site

-Perfect for a 2 car garage or large space

-110v AC Power plug

Sale! A pair of batteries are next to a speaker.

MouseBlocker 2 Cars & Garage Protection Package


Order a package to protect 2 vehicles and your 2 car garage and save! This package protects two vehicles with the small, versatile MouseBlocker Pro, while also protecting your entire garage with the power of the MouseBlocker 1000X.

Package Includes:

  • (2) Mouse Blocker Pro Units (12V or Plug-In)
  • (1) MouseBlocker 1000X
Sale! A mouse blocker is shown with a wrench.

MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC

Original price was: $89.95.Current price is: $79.95.

Get ready for rodent season with our September Sale! Special price and FREE shipping on the entire MouseBlocker product line.

Welcome to the most advanced rodent deterrent available for your vehicle- the MouseBlocker PRO, now for 12 Volt outlets. The MouseBlocker PRO 12 Volt unit is perfect for your daily driven vehicles or equipment. Place this unit inside the interior or engine compartment of your classic car and protect the whole unit. 120AC units are also available as the MouseBlocker PRO.


  • Automatic shutoff when vehicle is started (13V) or battery voltage drops below 11V
  • 12 Volt Powered with only a .060 mA draw
  • Simple 2 Wire Hookup
Sale! A close up of the blue ox tripod

Blue Ox Apollo Tow Bar

Original price was: $1,483.90.Current price is: $1,419.95.

Blue Ox Apollo

  • All steel construction.
  • 15,000 lbs towing capacity.
  • 2″& 2.5” Receivers Available
Sale! A black pole with two different types of attachments.

Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar

Original price was: $1,021.90.Current price is: $987.95.

BX7380 Alpha 2 Tow Bar (2″ Receiver)

  • All steel construction
  • 6500 lbs towing capacity
  • 2″ Receivers
  • 3 year warranty
  • For use with baseplates that have a maximum tab width of 32″
Sale! A close up of an umbrella with a handle

Blue Ox Ascent Tow Bar

Original price was: $1,274.90.Current price is: $1,219.95.

Blue Ox Ascent™

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 7500 lbs towing capacity
  • 2″& 2.5” Receivers Available
Sale! A pair of brown and black walking sticks

Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar

Original price was: $1,153.90.Current price is: $1,109.95.

Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar

  • All steel construction.
  • 10,000 lbs towing capacity.
  • 2″& 2.5” Receivers Available
Sale! A black and silver pole with two poles attached to it

BX4330 Acclaim Tow Bar (Ball Coupler)

Original price was: $609.90.Current price is: $575.95.

The Acclaim BX4330 by Blue Ox is a Class III tow bar constructed of steel, with a product weight of 45 pounds. Rated for towing up to 5,000 pounds and with baseplates that have tab widths between 23″ and 30″.

  • Class III tow bar
  • 5,000 lb rating
  • For use with baseplates that have tab widths between 23″ and 30″
  • 45 lbs product weight
  • Steel construction
  • 3-year warranty
Sale! A black and silver instrument stand with two feet.

B&W Biker Bar

Original price was: $399.95.Current price is: $380.00.

Simple, Secure Motorcycle Transport

The Biker Bar is a totally unique concept and a complete departure from the cumbersome straps, chocks and bolt-on systems that can be ineffective, unsightly and cause damage to paint, chrome and leather finishes.

  • Load and unload your Harley Davidson in less than a minute by yourself
  • Drive over steep, pitched terrain with your bike securely latched
  • Latching system easily unbolts from the trailer without crawling underneath, freeing up your trailer for other things
  • Can be mounted in your garage for safely storing your bike
  • Works with all Harley Davidson motorcycles with factory painted frames.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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