MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC

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Welcome to the most advanced rodent deterrent available for your vehicle- the MouseBlocker PRO, now for 12 Volt outlets. The MouseBlocker PRO 12 Volt unit is perfect for your daily driven vehicles or equipment. Place this unit inside the interior or engine compartment of your classic car and protect the whole unit. 120AC units are also available as the MouseBlocker PRO.


  • Automatic shutoff when vehicle is started (13V) or battery voltage drops below 11V
  • 12 Volt Powered with only a .060 mA draw
  • Simple 2 Wire Hookup


12 Volt Rodent Protection for Individual Vehicles

The MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC is our recommendation for short term vehicle storage of 2 weeks or less. For short timeframes, this device provides the most power and protection available at an accessible price point. Boasting easy installation and simple operation, this product is trusted by custom car owners throughout North America. The MouseBlocker is easily installed virtually anywhere, plugging into any 12v power source. If your vehicle doesn’t have a 110VAC available, the MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC is your best solution for protection. With the MouseBlocker you can protect any vehicle, including RVs, campers, cars, trucks, or tractors.

How to Use the MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC

After connecting the unit to a power source, it will start working immediately and the lights will flash on. Use the High/Low Power button on the front of the unit to adjust the power output. The four modes that can be switched through using the button on the front are off, low, medium, and high.

MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC Features

  • Turns off when vehicle is started (13Volts)
  • Automatically turns on when vehicle is turned off
  • Simple two wire hookup
  • All aluminum case
  • Dual strobing white LED lights
  • 12 Volt Powered with only a 50 mA draw
  • Modes: Off, Low(85dB), Medium(95dB), High (115dB)

Other MouseBlocker Products to Consider

For the largest and most powerful MouseBlocker available, consider the MouseBlocker 1000X. Smaller units, such as the Plug-In MouseBlocker PRO or MouseBlocker Classic, are great for smaller applications of individual vehicles or small garages.


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