Motor Coater – Pint


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Chevy Orange, Gloss Black, Aluminum, Ford Corporate Blue, T-Bird Red, Ford Corporate Blue, White, Street Hemi Orange, Fire Red, Ford Dark Blue, Daytona Yellow, Velvet Black, Ford Green, Chrysler Blue, Cadillac Dark Blue, Race Hemi Orange, Olds Gold, Olds Bronze, Chevrolet Blue, Pontiac Light Blue, Buick Green Late, Buick Red Late, MG Green, Buick Turquoise, Chrysler Turquoise, Austin Healey Moss Green, MG Maroon, Chevy Grey, Chevy Dark Charcoal, 64-67 Rampart Red, Caravelle Metallic Blue, 69-72 AMC Engine Metallic Blue, 73-81 AMC Engine Blue, Torch Red, GM Corporate Blue


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