MouseBlocker 12X


  • Covering up to 12,000 square feet
  • 12X Power Unit
  • Includes 10 Speakers
  • Ultrasonic Detector to aid in speaker placement


The MouseBlocker 12X is a rodent deterrent system specifically for the car collectors and garage spaces where mice damage could occur. The MouseBlocker 12X features 10 of our proprietary long range speakers that run off of a single power system linked through a speaker wire. This makes for an easy installation into these spaces as up to ten speakers are all running off a single power supply.

Coverage Area

The MouseBlocker 12x is a very high output device covering up to 12,000 square feet with a clear line of site. Since the unit operates off sound, the noise will not go through walls or solid objects. The MouseBlocker 12X comes with 10 ultrasonic speakers that can be remotely installed from the power unit with the included speaker wire.

Operation Methods

Plug one end of the included power cord into the power socket rear of the unit. Plug the other end of the power cord into any available 110v power outlet. After plugging the unit into power, it will start working immediately. Use the High/Low Power button on the front of the unit to adjust the power output. The green light on the front will illuminate when the unit is outputting ultra sonic noises.

Using the MouseBlocker 12X

The effects of this unit will be seen immediately as soon as the device is powered on. The unit will be most effective after using it continuously for 3-4 weeks. Sometimes the mice may be more active during the beginning of use showing that the rodents are irritated. After using the unit for a prolong period of time the mice will begin to disappear.

Unit Technical Specifications

AC Power Voltage: AC 120v 60hz

Power Consumption: 25Watts

Frequency Coverage: 25-45Khz Intermittent at 160 Seconds

Made in China EPA Est No: 95016-CHN-1

Unit Dimensions: 10″Wide x 4″Tall x 8″Deep

Other MouseBlocker Products to Consider

For the largest and most powerful MouseBlocker available, consider the MouseBlocker 1000X. Smaller units, such as the Plug-In MouseBlocker PRO or MouseBlocker PRO 12VDC, are great for smaller applications for individual cars, trucks, campers, or RVs.


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