Digital Guard Dawg
PBS-II Performance Keyless Ignition

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The PBS-II Push Button Start system expands your possibilities with 5 programmable output channels to remotely control power locks, shaved doors, power windows, and remote trunk release all from a single transmitter. Affordable, easy to install, and easy to operate, this system works perfectly and looks great on any custom resto-mod.

  • RFID proximity technology
  • One-push to turn on or to turn off
  • Customize buttons by metal composition and LED color
  • 5 remote-operated output channels


Advanced Keyless Ignition and Security

The PBS-II Performance Keyless Ignition system by Digital Guard Dawg modernizes your resto-mod’s security and appearance. It expands your possibilities with 5 programmable output channels to remotely control power locks, doors, windows, and remote trunk release. All of this control, all from a single iTag transmitter using advanced RFID technology.

Digital Guard Dawg’s PBS-II Performance Keyless Ignition eliminates your vehicle’s ignition key switch and provides proximity-controlled automation of your entire ignition. Simply carry a digital “iTag” with you. As you approach your vehicle, the PBS-II verifies your identity, and authorizes your ignition. All you have to do is approach, push a button, and drive.

Operating the PBS-II Performance Keyless Ignition

When you arrive at your destination, another push turns your engine off and you just walk away. 5 remote operated output channels put complete control of all your power accessories right at your fingertips. If you’re building something special and needing one unit that can do it all, the PBS-II is just what you’re looking for!

  • Onboard 60A relays eliminate unsightly and failure prone external relay wiring
  • Dual Mode RFID Transmitters provide both Manual & Automatic operation
  • Emergency Bypass Card assures starting even if you lose your RFID Transmitter.
  • Internal MSD filtering circuitry
  • A single iTag can be programmed to operate an unlimited number of vehicles.
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Digital Guard Dawg Product Line

Digital Guard Dawg is a premier provider of keyless ignition systems, trusted by thousands of auto lovers across the United States and Canada. From resto-mods to motorcycles and even boats, Digital Guard Dawg keeps your vehicles protected. For proper operation, pair the Billet Start Button with the Digital Guard Dawg PBS-II Performance Keyless Ignition system. For comprehensive security solutions, HCR offers bundles for 2-door locking kits and 4-door locking kits.


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PBS-II Performance Keyless Ignition”

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